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Avik Samanta is a digital marketing analyst; who makes digital marketing strategy in a reputable company and consulting on Search Engine Marketing. Usually he writes here in his leisure time. Circle him on Google Plus

SnapChum – A Marketing Gamut for Online Business

Pinteest Marketing Tools

To start a business nowadays and get done with effective marketing is easier than previous days with the help of social networking sites. But the real challenge is to find the rate of prosperity among other business competitors. To know how many people are interested in your business and how many customers you will get is the main thing of ... Read More »

Utilities of Apple Watch

Apple iWatch

In this era, technology is starting to stroke the sky and numerous user-friendly equipments are being invented. Common people habitually prefer portable as well as light weight products. The Apple Company has newly launched the Apple Watch which has numerous of features and also trouble-free to use. This is the only reason why it is effortlessly magnetizing customers’ attention. The ... Read More »

Top 5 Android Apps: Big Earning Opportunity On Mobile Recharge

free mobile recharge

The market for Smart phone app is a big market and it is flourishing day by day, that’s the reason, we have a great number of smart phone apps whether it is about entertainment, fashion, health, news, money, chat, messaging, calling or other activity, we can find an app for almost every task. There are a number of apps through ... Read More »

Strategies to Build Your Business Through Pinterest

Popular Image Sharing Platform

The world has changed a lot after the advent of  various social networking websites such as Orkut, Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, YouTube, Google plus, Instagram, Pinterest. Our lives have changed a lot after these came in. There was a revolution in our society after these social networking websites came in. Pinterest is a visual based social network website which was ... Read More »

The Importance of Pinterest as a Business Development Strategy

Importance of Pinterest in Business Development Strategy

As this year draws to a close more and more people are curious to know the social network trends, social consumer behaviours and brand social media results of the coming year. The social marketing strategy of 2014 depends on certain factors discussed below. Social networks and their growth Facebook still reigns in the social media kingdom as the numbers of ... Read More »

Email Marketing – An Innovative Way to Promote Your Business

Email Marketing

You must be aware with the term email marketing. It has been frequently used in the market in recent times. During your meetings or conferences when you are discussing about marketing strategies or other promotional materials, you keep talking about it all the time. However, it is true that email marketing helps to enrich business deals and communication between two ... Read More »

Deal Your Potential Customers with Facebook Fan Page

Deal Your Potential Customers with Facebook Fan Page

In modern times, post 2004 social networking sites like Facebook are a great way to connect with your family and friends located far away because of a job or otherwise. In Facebook there exists an option to create Facebook pages. The pages that the user creates are mainly used to advertise and promote almost anything under the sun. Moreover these ... Read More »